Monday, January 23, 2012

REAL POST: Mermaid collages

This collage of mer-men is assembled
to fit a standard size frame, in this case  16 x 20 inches.
The prints can be rearranged and filled out to
rectangular formats with some other paper bits
from my folios. That's a scan of some Fortuny fabric lower left.
After I took this photo, I added some red papers at each edge for 
the client's anniversary gift. The little bubbles
are 23 carat gold.

Here's another mermaid collage:

This piece is called "FORMAL."
It's assembled from prints and original
mixed media on paper to fit
a 16 X 20 format. 
I present them in the gallery as original collages.
Next to the penciled title are the 
letters "E/V" for edition varied.
I printed 50 of the mermaid figure.

A detail of the collage.

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